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Music Video Competition

Are you a Musician? Singer? Rapper? Band? Want your own FREE music video?

How to enter:


If you're an artist/band with some songs under your belt, or even a novice just starting out. This competition is your opportunity to put yourself out there. You have until February 28th to submit your song, and get as many people to listen to is as possible. Your song can be in any genre or style. 

The Top 5 Songs will be shortlisted and judged by a group of filmmakers, musicians and storytellers.  The best overall song will get made into a music video, completely free. 


  • Follow Lukewarm Volcano on Facebook and Instagram

  • Upload you song to after January 1st 2024.

  • In the tags, use #LukeWarmVideoComp (to verify your submission)

  • Top 5 Songs with the most Plays and Likes by the Closing Date (February 28th) are shortlisted. 

  • Winner will be chosen by March 75th 2024

  • Winner gets their own music video made completely free*

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